When You’re Religious, and You’re a Lawyer

Tips from Divorce Lawyers on Dissolving Your Marriage

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When a marriage has gone sour, things can become quite toxic during the divorce proceedings. As such, the spouses tend to make rash decisions rooted in emotion rather than thinking of how this could impact the rest of their lives one a judge makes a decree. It is crucial at this time to have legal counsel, as the divorce lawyers will be able to be level headed and hopefully help you keep your financial wits about you. Here are some of the tips that could come in handy to ensure you are making the right decisions during the dissolution of your...

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Surgical Implements Left Inside You: Understanding Your Situation And Suing For Medical Malpractice

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It is a common assumption that if surgical implements or tools were left inside you that you should sue the surgeon. The surgeon may be responsible, but sometimes there may be an operating room nurse or a medical intern who stitches you back up, and then who do you sue? It is a complicated situation, and one which a personal injury attorney would help you resolve. Here is how you can better understand how this happened and collect the much needed evidence for your lawsuit. Understanding the Probability of Surgical Tools Left in You...

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Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Dealing With An Injury Claim

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While no one expects to be the victim of a car accident, it can happen at any point in time. Trying to address your injuries and get back to work can take up a lot of your time and attention. Instead of being able to focus your attention on the accident claim, you are pulled in a dozen different directions. The last thing you want to do is jeopardize your accident claim because of not having all the facts. Avoid making costly mistakes when dealing with an auto accident claim. Settling before your time. When injured in an accident, many people...

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3 Ways To Prove You Are A Safe Motorcycle Rider

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When you are involved in a two-vehicle accident and you were riding a motorcycle, you can face some special challenges when you are attempting to collect compensation for your injuries and damage. There is a perception by some that motorcycle drivers are more reckless than other drivers. As a result, you could be put in the position of proving that you are not a reckless driver. Here are some ways you can do this.  Your Driving Record When you are negotiating with the insurance adjuster to reach a financial settlement for your injuries,...

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3 Things You Need To Know About Your Rights As A Grandparent

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When it comes to child custody, most people assume all of the fighting and arguing takes place between the two parents. However, that is not always the case. In recent years there have been more and more grandparents turning to the courts to get visitation with their grandchildren. If you are being denied access to your grandchild by their parents, don’t lose hope. Here are three things you need to know about your rights as a grandparent. 1. Grandparents’ rights differ from state to state One of the most important things you must...

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After An Accident: 4 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Dealing With The Insurance Company

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After a car accident, you can expect to be contacted by the insurance company pretty quickly. If you are dealing with your own insurance company, it can pay to be as cooperative as possible. If you are dealing with the other party’s insurer, however, you should know that the company will probably try to get out of paying you the money that is owed to you. Therefore, you need to tread carefully when dealing with insurance companies, no matter how nice insurance adjusters or agents might seem. These are a few things that you should always...

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Disability And Student Loans: What You Should Know

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If you find yourself disabled, you may wonder what effect this will have on your financial situation. While receiving Social Security Disability income (SSDI) can help, bills like student loans may seem overwhelming. There are options to help you out, though. So, get to know how disability affects student loans and what you can do to ease the burden of student loan debt. Economic Hardship Deferments Receiving benefits and public assistance such as SSDI, SNAP benefits (food stamps), Medicaid, welfare or other such benefits qualify student loan...

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Who To Call When There Is An Error On Your Medical Claim

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What do you do if you feel your health insurance company has processed your claim incorrectly and they refuse to get it adjusted? If you are facing a situation like this, an insurance law attorney may be able to help. What Are Insurance Law Attorneys? First of all, insurance law attorneys are experts in the field of insurance and how insurance claims are handled. They work with a variety of insurance types including automobile, homeowners, and health insurance. If the insurance company denies a claim or refuses to pay, insurance law attorneys...

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A Kinder, Gentler Way To End A Marriage: Collaborative Divorce

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When divorce is inevitable and you are both ready to file papers to make it legal, you should know that there is an alternative to traditional divorce proceedings. If you and your spouse are able to discuss issues with mutual respect, you may be able to save time and money by taking part in a collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is a relatively new idea in divorce proceedings. The concept is thought to have originated with New Jersey divorce attorney Curtis J. Romanowski in 1988, but has slowly gained popularity in recent...

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Financial Woes Got You In A Bind? 3 Tips To Help You Manage Your Debt

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Dealing with debt can be really stressful and sobering. If you are struggling with this money issue, you might consider taking these steps. They can help you get your life financially back in order. Make a Budget Before doing anything drastic, your first step should be creating a budget. Start by writing down your expenses. Circle expenses that you simply can’t live without, such as bills, rent and daily living expenses. Eradicating unnecessary expenses like leisure activities can help you create a savings fund – allowing you to pay off...

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