When You’re Religious, and You’re a Lawyer

A Kinder, Gentler Way To End A Marriage: Collaborative Divorce

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When divorce is inevitable and you are both ready to file papers to make it legal, you should know that there is an alternative to traditional divorce proceedings. If you and your spouse are able to discuss issues with mutual respect, you may be able to save time and money by taking part in a collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is a relatively new idea in divorce proceedings. The concept is thought to have originated with New Jersey divorce attorney Curtis J. Romanowski in 1988, but has slowly gained popularity in recent...

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Financial Woes Got You In A Bind? 3 Tips To Help You Manage Your Debt

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Dealing with debt can be really stressful and sobering. If you are struggling with this money issue, you might consider taking these steps. They can help you get your life financially back in order. Make a Budget Before doing anything drastic, your first step should be creating a budget. Start by writing down your expenses. Circle expenses that you simply can’t live without, such as bills, rent and daily living expenses. Eradicating unnecessary expenses like leisure activities can help you create a savings fund – allowing you to pay off...

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Vehicular Manslaughter Versus Vehicular Homicide: Your Criminal Attorney Explains The Difference

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Accidentally killing someone with your car is a truly terrifying ordeal, unless you have no remorse about the situation whatsoever. Most people, however, feel absolutely awful that their poor driving or careless drinking led them to this point. You may be hearing several terms thrown about by your lawyer and the prosecution: homicide, vehicular homicide, vehicular manslaughter. All of these seem to be the same thing to you, so how does a criminal attorney, such as Kaiser Law Group, tell the difference? The answer is fairly simple– it...

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2 Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Winning An Auto Accident Case

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Getting into an auto accident is a very stressful experience, and that stress can often be made worse when you try to sue the person at fault for the accident. The additional stress will often come from the fact that if you cannot prove that the other person was at fault, then you will have to find some way of paying for your own medical and repair bills. Two ways to increase your chances of winning an auto accident case are to take pictures of the scene of the accident and document everything. Take Pictures Of The Scene Of The Accident The...

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3 Things To Try Before Seeking Divorce

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When you first start thinking about divorce, you may wonder if your marriage can be helped. That’s why you have to do everything possible to make sure that a divorce is what you really want. Here are three things you can do now to see if your marriage is worth saving. Take Responsibility In most marriages, one person is not causing all of the strife in a marriage. Even if it feels like your spouse is the one who is doing everything wrong, try to see things from a different perspective and think about how you may contribute to the...

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5 Types Of Medical Malpractice Errors

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If you have been hurt, rather than helped when visiting a doctor or hospital, you may have a medical malpractice case on your hands. As the plaintiff in this situation, you should be aware of the common reasons a lawsuit of this type may be filed. Knowing common medical errors may assist you if you are faced with a dilemma of this magnitude. Type #1: Misdiagnosis If you are experiencing any type of medical symptoms that may indicate a condition, you will possibility visit a medical provider and have this evaluated. The role of your doctor is...

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A DUI Lawyer Advocates For Alternative Penalties In Second-Offense Cases

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There doesn’t seem to be any way around it. You have been charged with driving under the influence a second time and you’ll have to accept the consequences. Before you simply accept your conviction and sentence, consider hiring a DUI attorney to provide legal representation. A DUI lawyer can help you receive the lowest sentence possible, which can be important for keeping your incarceration at a minimum or providing alternatives to going to prison. Second Offense Penalties If you’re convicted of a second DUI offense within a...

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Why You Need To Trust Your Defense Attorney

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If you are in a situation where you need a criminal defense attorney, you might be worried about what your relationship with your lawyer entails. If you have gone through the stressful process of being charged with a crime, you might be nervous to trust your lawyer and open up to them. Here are four things you should remember when you first sit down to talk with your criminal defense lawyer. 1. They have Your Best Interests in Mind If you have hired a criminal defense attorney to represent your case, they are working for you and will fight to...

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Making A Good Impression During A Court Custody Case

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If you have to go to court for a custody hearing, it is important to put your best foot forward the day of your trial. You have put together the best case that you can with your lawyer, so the most important strategy the day of court is to you present yourself in the best light possible. Here are three court strategies you should employ during your day in court to come off as your best self. 1. Dress the Part Making sure that you look presentable and stable will go a long way in court. Your clothing choices should be conservative, and not...

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Understand When You Can Sue An Employer, Rather Than Accept Workers’ Compensation

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If you’re covered by workers’ compensation benefits, and you’re injured on the job, you probably cannot sue your employer. There are a few important exceptions, however, and you should know what they are. Read more to learn about your rights to sue under worker’s compensation laws. Why Can’t You Sue Your Employer If You’re Covered Under Workers’ Compensation? The worker’s compensation system was designed to be a “no fault” system. That means that (in most cases) it doesn’t...

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